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August 8

The Spectrum of Assistance

In conversation, assisted living can mean different things to different people. In truth, the assistance that we or our loved ones might need may fall anywhere along a wide spectrum of care and finding a solution that allows us to age gracefully and securely is important. Because it is so important, we may be feeling the stress as we plan. Although each assisted living residence, or retirement home, is different, determining our needs and wants and what location offers what assistance is fundamental in the planning, research, and touring phase to make the right decision.

Activities of daily living (ADLs) is a term used by healthcare professionals to refer to the basic self-care tasks an individual does on a day-to-day basis. These activities are fundamental in caring for oneself and maintaining independence. Examples include walking, getting in and out of beds and chairs, personal hygiene, toileting, dressing, and self-feeding. The next level is instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). IADLs allow a person to live independently within a community. They include preparing meals, managing money and medications, shopping for groceries, performing light or heavy housework, and using a telephone. Being able to perform both ADLs and IADLs is important for seniors to be able to successfully and safely live independently.

Being able to perform both ADLs and IADLs is important for seniors to be able to successfully and safely live independently.

Carrington Place Retirement Residence is an assisted living facility where seniors live semi-independently and receive help with certain day-to-day activities. Ones that would do well here would be those that can manage ADL activities but need help with some IADL activities, can benefit from a more socially engaging environment, and are lucid or have only mild cognitive problems.

Carrington Place Retirement Residence takes care of chores like cleaning, laundry, and meals. Our assisted living community provides hospitality and personal care services, 24-hour emergency response, and regular opportunities for recreation and social interaction as well. Some additional optional services include assistance with bathing, medication administration, and night checks.

What are night checks? Between the hours of 11:00 pm and 7:00 am our night staff are available to check on you or your loved one. The staff perform 2-hour checks. This means every night they can unlock the door and take a peek to see that everything is as it should be. This effort assists those who fear they may fall or become ill during the night. It offers peace of mind and reassurance to both the family and the resident.

As one of the premier Ancaster retirement homes providing independent living for seniors, Carrington Place is augmented by the amenities that are within walking distance. For example, there are banks near Carrington Place Retirement Residence, as well as grocery stores, restaurants, and pharmacies. These amenities are important for those who still can, and want to, be out in their communities.

Make sure you know the needs of yourself or your loved ones and the assistance offered at a prospective home. This knowledge is an essential step to finding the right fit in senior care.

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