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December 19

Simplifying to Enrich

After the conventional holiday season, many people are left run down. It’s busy, there are lots of parties and more items introduced into our homes! So what can Ancaster citizens do to help themselves out?

Minimalism practices can be incorporated to improve these challenges! Minimalism focuses on owning only essential products and possessions. For those curious to try it, start with simplifying or minimizing items in only one room at a time, and start with visible areas or sections first. Moreover, selling, donating, or gifting to young ones just starting out makes the process more beneficial – environmentally and emotionally. This reduction in the things we own will help us to focus on things that are important in our lives. Another valuable tip is to learn to use and enjoy a product for its full life cycle, as this will benefit you (not corporations) in the long run. Ignore the ever-new rollout of products whose value decreases with use or time.

These benefits can be experienced by everyone, but they are especially beneficial for our older ones and our family units. This is because “minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value in life by removing anything that distracts us from it,” says Joshua Becker, the writer of the Becoming Minimalist blog and author of The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life. The less you own, the fewer things you are responsible for maintaining and cleaning, or replacing.

Whether we are downsizing with a move or staying put, simplifying our possessions gives us more energy for the things we want to do: recreational activities, daily necessary activities, and spending time with family/friends. Using that time and energy to reconnect with our dear ones after a busy season is more needed than many realize!

Focusing on the experiences or activities that we value most in life helps us make decisions on where to live and how to spend our time and money. For example, if our energy is limited we may have to choose cooking or cleaning over exercising or socializing, however if we value an active or social lifestyle, we can look into supportive lifestyle help, like living in a retirement community.

The best part of minimalism is that the extent of the simplifying is up to you! So start somewhere small, and work your way around your whole home and, ultimately, your lifestyle! Focus on the valuable things and priorities so they can shine in your life.

Carrington Place Retirement Residence is a small community that helps our Ancaster seniors live safely, comfortably, affordably, and enjoyably. There is also always caring staff available. Our all-inclusive living takes care of chores, maintenance, utilities, meals, and there are always activities and outings to keep us engaged. You can focus on the quiet or social pursuits you want with the time and energy you will have!

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