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January 17

Doing your own thing! Extending Health for Good Quality of Life

We all want to live our own life – what a gift. For many in the generation already in the 70+ age bracket, this desire is closely related to their keen desire to stay in their own homes –  many consider that the height of a good quality of life. There is truth to that – if we can do our own thing that means we are healthy enough to care for ourselves. Our health is our wealth in many ways.

Unfortunately, I see that dementia is a common reason people begin to look for more support for themselves or for the loved ones they care for, but at this stage, options are limited and the change that’s necessary is now harder to cope with.

Some studies I’ve read recently show that dementia is not a normal part of aging and, incredibly, 40% of dementia cases worldwide are preventable or can be delayed. The studies show, those cases of dementia are attributed to one or more of 12 modifiable factors. This is amazing because we can all focus on improving these 12 factors; they include high blood pressure, obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, infrequent social contact, and a diet poor of vegetables. Improving our lifestyle can improve these factors with no side-effects!

Do you know what is one of the most interesting trends I’ve seen working in a retirement community? Those who chose a retirement community earlier than when physical impairments or cognitive diseases, like dementia, began are much more stable, much longer and enjoy better quality of life, with the ability and health to enjoy their independence.

I see the link: at Carrington Place Retirement Residence, all in the community have barrier free access to a healthy, balanced diet, medical attention, exercise, activities, and social connections daily. This is why the ones who make the decision to move while in the decade before dementia “normally” sets in are actually helping to delay or avoid its onset! And the best part for us individually? Our retirement living helps to improve those modifiable factors listed above all while providing plenty of time and space for independence.

Carrington Place Retirement Residence empowers seniors to maintain a rewarding lifestyle that promotes independence and individuality in a safe and healthy environment. Our dedicated staff offer support to residents with dignity and respect while catering to their physical and social needs.

Call Carrington Place Retirement Residence to take a tour and get a real look at what it feels like to live in our friendly, supportive community – independently!


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