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August 29

Ancaster: A Town Though the Times

Ancaster is a historic town located on the Niagara Escarpment, tucked in the best location. Ancaster is a township that acts like a village – in the best ways.

Our community is made up of many age groups, however, I am shining the spotlight on one in a reflection of appreciation.

The 2016 Census of Canada showed there were 22,720 persons 65 years of age and older in the Hamilton West–Ancaster—Dundas area. That’s a sizable percentage of the population. Do you know why they are important in Ancaster?

In my role as Community Relations Director at Carrington Place Retirement Residence, I have the pleasure of something that I consider a privilege: speaking with our elders, most of whom at Carrington Place are long-time Ancaster citizens.

This is where they raised their families. This is where they built their homes. This is where they started their businesses, kept their farms, started social clubs, and fostered their communities and neighbourhoods. There are many ties to the town. Whether purposefully or unconsciously, they spent their life building up Ancaster.

I have heard the stories of the people who live at Carrington Place, and the sense that I get from them is of the community they built through the decisions they made for their own lives. I think many today aspire for that kind of legacy.

The beauty is that our long-time Ancaster citizens continue to support Ancaster! They support local businesses in our unique town where nearly everything they need on a weekly basis is walking distance. They love their old-time neighbours, some of which are now their neighbours at Carrington Place, and some who live elsewhere. They have their favourite pubs and favourite walking paths in the quiet side-streets.

The residents at Carrington Place love this town and are still engaged in it with a little help from their Recreation Director, Danielle Cloutier – they visit Ancaster restaurants, shops, events, and attractions. Local businesses even come in and set up boutiques regularly, and local musicians showcase weekly entertainment. Moreover, there is nothing some of the residents love more than their daily walk in the quiet, lush Ancaster and Spring Valley neighbourhoods, taking detours to get to shops and pharmacies. I know they each have their favourite route.

If you have a senior acquaintance, friend, neighbour, or relative, please drop by, call them, or send them a card. Ask them for a story about Ancaster from their early days in it. You will make many connections to the places and people here and dignify the Ancaster senior citizen. If you can, make plans to go out on the town with them! You’ll both enjoy it, and who knows what you might discover.

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